October 06, 2009 1 min read

Not a violin, but definitely a masterpiece. Sigrid graciously loaned us her completed Stratavarious jacket for a few weeks until the weather cools enough to wear it. It looks almost exactly like the sample Chris Bylsma knit herself - same palette of purple and soft greens. This long version looks great on Sigrid, bit I think I want one of the cropped versions.

I have had to rip out my second Crayon Box Jacket because somehow I'd knit the wrong size, but now I'm picturing those shades of redviolet and burnt orange in a short version of Stratavarious like Chris was wearing when she taught the design class here. I love this cardigan.

While I was going through my old photos trying to find this one of the Stratavarious, I came across this other one that I totally loved too.

It's called Lakeside, and Chris worked it in a blue palette with a combination of fibers and textures. I want to do this in every color in the rainbow. Doesn't it look fabulous! How about creams and golds...or maybe aquas...wait - I've got it - how about pink?

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