Leonardtown party

December 29, 2009 1 min read

Linda gave me a wonderful gift this season - she finally finished her Gloria Cardigan in Noro Kureyon and merino worsted. It looked even better with the collar pin that seemed to have been made just for it. Nice job, Linda - I'm so proud of you!

Barbara brought some amazing crumb cake - it was just impossible to resist. I think she's personally responsible for the 5 pounds I put on this season!

Ann wore her beautiful top-down sweater that started is so much prettier than the photograph in the pattern.

We were all fairly civilized with the stealing of yarn goodie bags in Leoanrdtown too. You guys are just too nice.

Lisa came in wearing her beautiful Fusion Jacket complete with buttons.

Jenn and her beautiful baby, Matthew were here too, as was Sigrid, Carol, Julia, Sarah, and several others. Several of the pictures I took came out blurry (must have been laughing too hard) and then my camera died, alas. But we had a great time all day long.

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