Mirasol Cardigan

November 09, 2009 1 min read

I didn't pay too much attention to this cardigan when I first saw the picture in the book. It's nice, but
this is really what caught my eye. The scarf, that is. ;-)

When the model garment arrived, I couldn't believe how cute it was. Shelly and Ginni were in the shop, and we all just loved it. It somehow manages to be cozy and sexy and chic all at once. It looks great on our mannequin,

but it's especially attractive on a real person, like the lovely Robinette.

It's really flattering on everyone, and it just so snuggle to wear. It's easy as pie, and it knits on a size 10 needle, so it's really quick to make. We're having a free project class the first week of December - join us.

Like many of you, there have to be at least three patterns in a book before I'll buy it. In this one, there's the cardigan, the guy scarf above, and this one. I may never knit this sweater, but I sure will enjoy studying the pattern!

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