Thistle lace wrap

November 02, 2009 1 min read

Here's my start on the Pikenaze wrap we're doing as a class this Thursday afternoon in La Plata. The fabric feels a little scrunched up while you're knitting it, but you can see how a bit of blocking stretches out the yarn-overs and really shows off the pattern. For someone new to lace, the design looks complicated, but it's actually quite easy - just a 6-row repeat. I'm finding it very addictive, and I seem to choose to work the lace when I need a stress reliever. Somehow focusing on a pattern in which each stitch takes a bit more of my attention seems to get me into a happy zone. The magnet board helps a great deal as well.

This little gem keeps the pattern upright and magnifies the row I'm working so that I never lose track of where I am. I'm also finding it to be very helpful on the Bleaklow cabled vest we're doing for our next Knit and Finish.

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