Our first Sunday Just for Ewe

January 11, 2010 1 min read

We had a good turnout for our first Sunday "Just for Ewe" session. Amy and Jen are hard at work.

Jen is looking especially pleased with herself, and no wonder - she did a beautiful job with this little pattern

See! It was a little touch and go there at the beginning, but when we got to the part where you can see those two center stockinette stitches starting to appear, you know you've got it.

Barbara's is lovely in the deep green colorway.

I had to get up close and personal with Linda for this action shot (hard to imagine there is such a thing in knitting...)

Linda's pattern coming along beautifully

Amy hard at work

and her lovely results

Barbara and Linda were in high spirits.
Nothing like a little lace success to make you just want to shout!

Ginni, of course, was way ahead of everyone. I bet she'll be wearing it this Tuesday...

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