Swatching Fleuris

April 25, 2010 1 min read

I spent some time the other day just messing around with Fleuris.  The ball band says 16 stitches to 4 inches on a size 10 needle, but I already knew from swatching for my Willow that I get that gauge on an 8 with this yarn.  so, I went ahead and worked a decent sized display swatch on an 8.

Perfect 4 stitches to the inch

Thought I'd see how it looked on a size 9.  Measures 15 stitches to 4 inches
Then on a size 10.  It's 14 stitches to the inch. 

You can't tell with the fabric flat against the table, but the drape increases substantially with the needle size (as you would expect).  I probably wouldn't be happy with a sweater at 14 stitches to 4 inches in Fleuris, but it would be an excellent scarf at this gauge. 

While there are 14 or more spectacular patterns in Louisa Harding's Chinoiserie collection, Fleuris would also be perfect in these two of my favorite designs:

 White Lies Krista Tee

Nikola from CocoKnits

both of these garments knit up in about 5 minutes and would be just gorgeous for summer. 

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