Willow and Fleurie

April 20, 2010 1 min read

Swatched this Friday so that I could knit it Monday when I knew I had some time to kill.  The ball band said 16 stitches to 4 inches on a 10.  I figured it was pretty unlikely that I'd get 4 stitches to the inch on a 10, so I started with a size 9.  After working a fairly large swatch, I was getting 14 stitches, so I decided to try an 8.  Perfect!  I will say that the yarn still looked good at 3.5 stitches per inch, and I would totally use it in a project that called for that gauge - like maybe this Sharon Stone sweater by Sally Melville.  I've wanted to knit this for years. 

But back to Willow - Willow is a beautiful design by Louisa Harding in her new book Chinoiserie. 


It's going to be our next Fit and Finish class, so I wanted to knit it up and see if there were any problems with the garment or the pattern.  The yarn is really nice to work with, and boy does it knit up quick.  I did this in less than an hour

Here's a close-up of the lace portion - not hard, but not boring either.  


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