FOs, WIPs and a masked knitter

May 13, 2010 1 min read

Last night Miss Ellen D. surprised us with not one, but two completed sweaters.  First is this beautiful Mirasol Hawpinch in Sulka.

and then there's this lovely one in Schaefer sport weight cotton. 

We were so happy to see Tracey's sister, Holly again. 


Last week Holly picked out some beautiful Inca Gold and swatched up for a Vogue sweater


This week she'd came back with an almost-finished back...very beautiful. 

Last but not least....Who was that woman lookin' hot in my February Lady? 


I'll give you a hint - she brought the fabulous salad last night, makes awesome quiche, and travels to wherever it's warm and sunny.  Give up?  It's Deborah.  She was cold and just slipped into this sweater which went perfectly with her outfit.  Another one who looks better in my clothes than I do... oh well.

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