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Mirasol Hacho on sale

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In the newsletter you may have read the sad news that Hacho is being discontinued in the United States.  I am sorry because this really was one of my favorite yarns in the Mirasol line.  I always liked the rich colorways and the tight twist - plus it's machine washable, and a really reasonable price.  Honestly, how can you not love this yarn.  Oh well, it's your gain, as I'm offering Hacho to you at 40% off while supplies last.  We have plenty in both shops, but you can be sure it won't be there long.  If you've never worked with Hacho, pick up a little bit and try these free patterns from Jane Ellison.  You can do both the hat and the scarf with just 5 skeins.  What an excellent present - and no one needs to know you got it at such a great price! 

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Pattern courtesy of Diamond Yarns, Mirasol distributor, Canada

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