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Shawl Pins

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Wow.  New shawl pins arrived last week, and are they ever spectacular!   Some are abalone with an amazing multi-colored effect.  Others are subtler, black mother of pearl.  Absolutely exquisite.  We also got some that are hand-carved in ebony, teak, and rosewood - also beautiful in a more earthy kind of way.  There are circles, ovals, squares, and a loop thing that is really interesting.  Each pin comes with a hand-carved ebony stick which makes a great pin all by itself.  The artist I ordered them from was too funny - he kept telling me what I should order and what would make a nice assortment.  


I also ordered some pewter pins and sticks from Annie Adams, another talented jewelry designer.  annie is a native of Connecticut who now lives in Buffalo where she designs and hand carves each piece.  The designs are cast in solid pewter by a metal smith in Connecticut. My favorite are these with the Celtic design on the ring and the stick, but we also have some that are lovely and simple - ovals and diamonds.  Very elegant. 

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