Nob Hill blocking and finishing

January 27, 2011 1 min read

This yarn isn't so stretchy, so my Nob Hill wasn't rolling as much as it might, and I was almost not sure  it needed blocking, but I wasn't ready to sew it up, so I went ahead and pinned it the board.  Couldn't find my spray bottle, and the steamer lives in La Plata, so I did it the old fashioned way  - wet towels laid on top.

It wasn't quite dry when I took it off the board, but I wanted to take it up to La Plata to seam and let Paula see it.  I pinned the sides in preparation for seaming. It was amazing how much better it looked after the blocking.  You know, everything benefits from blocking, even if it doesn't need to be flattened, or shaped, or sized.  It just looks tidier and more even. See.

Obviously, it doesn't go with what I was wearing today, but I love it.  I would make the Nob Hill again, but  I think I might make the smaller size.  This one is very easy-fitting and comfortable, but maybe just a tad big.  The sizing goes from 32 to 40, which is kind of tricky, so I'd probably have to adjust the pattern myself.  I'll try to put it on tomorrow with something that actually goes with it and see how I feel about the fit. 

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