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Judy's Misbehavin'

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Judy came in this week with her Misbehavin' Cables vest all finished.  Lovely shade and a beautiful job!  I love this pattern from Chris Bylsma.  I remember when she first designed it and debuted it at TNNA. Kathy and I were there together, and Chris was making the point of how nicely it fit a variety of sizes.  She had Kathy put it on and said, "See, how cute it is on her, and she's like a size 2."  Which is true, Kathy is a very tiny woman.  So then Chris hands it to me and says, "Now you put it on."  So I did, whereupon Chris exclaimed, "And see how nice it fits on Ellen who's a size 10."  Um. Thanks, Chris. 

I decided to knit a Misbehavin' Cables vest anyway, despite my hurt feelings, and it's probably one of my favorite garments.  The cables are twisted every fourth row at the bottom, making for a nice stretchy fabric that nips the vest in at the waist.  As the cables go up towards the bust line, they twist less tightly for more ease and a very nice shaping.   Ginni and I each made one, and we've been toying with the idea of putting a zipper in.  The pattern has a really great facing that would perfectly hide a zipper.  Something to think about. 

It knits up on a size 8 needle, and the cable pattern is nicely charted. It would be beautiful in Berroco Inca Gold (what wouldn't) for a dressy look.  I think it would also be lovely in tweed for a sporty look.  It takes about 800 yards all together.