Safe arrival

August 18, 2011 1 min read

Our dear Meg sent me the following email today that I thought I'd share with you. 

Hi Ellen, 

I arrived safely this morning and got into my room about 0500. My travels went smoothly without major hiccups. I have today to rest and get settled. Tomorrow starts in-processing and me figuring out what exactly I am doing here. Thank you again for the wonderful party. It was a great surprise and made me feel so loved. I will confess...I had all my clothing in one suitcase and my second suitcase was dedicated to my knitting....
For those of you who are not part of the Wednesday night La Plata group, Meg is a lovely young lady who's been knitting with us and was recently notified that she would be deployed to Quatar for work.  The deployment will be 6 months or more.  She packed a bunch of knitting which should keep her busy for a while.  As soon as she's settled, I'll have her APO and other contact info. I posted photos from her last Wednesday  night with us on Facebook here.

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