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Spectras coming on fast
Phyllis started her Spectra way after Betsy, Duffy, and I did, but she's in the lead by far.  Said she was up at three in the morning knitting on it because she couldn't sleep.  Addictive, I tell you.  

I was in La Plata with Sandy this morning, and she commented how much more she liked the Spectra in person (and in girly colors) than she did the one in the original pattern.  Amazing what a difference the color of something makes, isn't it!  I've been thinking that I might like to make a larger version in the Silk Garden Lite and some dk weight yarn for the main color.  Maybe on a size 8 needle to get enough drape.  Alternatively, we could re-write the pattern so that it's the same size with a larger yarn.  hmmmm.  Better finish this one first, though.  Can I just tell you how much I'm enjoying knitting this?  Maybe I did already - sorry....

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