Fun little project

August 03, 2011 1 min read

I was looking on Ravelry (of course) and I found this adorable little freepattern that takes just under 200 yards of heavy worsted weight yarn - like Manos or Malbrigo.

photo courtesy of Jennifer Adams at

It's a super easy stitch pattern - basically a double moss stitch (k2, p2 for two rows then p2,k2 for two rows) with a slipped stitch edge for a smooth finish.  Then just pick out some cute buttons, or, if you're like me, and buttons are too much of a commitment, grab a beautiful shawl pin and close it however you like.  It's a terrific gift because it knits up quickly and looks very chic.  You could use any heavy worsted yarn, but Manos Wool Classica is a an ideal choice because the mix of knit and purl really shows off the thick and thin texture of the yarn.

You could knock these out in just a couple of days.  And if you're thinking you want to knit holiday gifts, you would want to be starting them now...

Here are a few colors of the Manos Classica just to tempt you - 

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