Alder Wrap

September 15, 2011 1 min read

Also in those boxes from the fine people at Rowan was the gorgeous Alder Wrap.  Designed by Kaffe Fassett in Kid silk Haze, it's a thing of beauty, it is. 

Here are some of the professional shots from the magazine.  You can see what a master of color Mr. Fassett is - he uses the yarns as if they were watercolor paints, blending one into the next.  So lovely...


And here it is at my significantly less than professional photo shoot.


The point of these million photos is to show you all the fab ways you can wear the Alder Wrap.  What the pictures don't show you is how soft it is.  This thing is like a butterfly kiss - so light and soft you just won't believe it.  Come by the Leonardtown shop and touch it - try it on - and pick up some Kid Silk Haze and get started on an Alder Wrap of your own. 

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