Stocking the sale bin

September 08, 2011 1 min read

With the arrival of our fabulous new Dream in Color Worsted, we needed to make room on the shelves, so something had to make its way to the sale bin - this week it's Berroco Remix and Louisa Harding Ianthe.  

Remix is a machine washable worsted weight tweed with absolutely no wool, so it's perfect for anyone with allergies to sheepy things.  The kind folks at Berroco have several free patterns for Remix, you can get on their site.  Here are a couple I really like. 

We have a pretty good stock in La Plata, but it's going fast.

 Ianthe is a really nice dk weight yarn in 50% wool, 50% cotton.  It's a great fiber, and every time I see it knit up, I am struck with what a beautifully smooth fabric it makes.  There's a great selection in both stores, but again, there's probably more in La Plata.  No free patterns for it, but if you buy 5 or more skeins of Ianthe, you can get one of two gorgeous Louisa Harding pattern books for half price.  Choose "Beachcomber Bay" or "Classics"  All of these would be perfect for Ianthe. 

Here's a pattern from Beachcomber that I've loved for a long time that would be excellent in Remix

The pattern book offer is good while supplies last. 

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