Beautiful Byzantine

September 21, 2011 1 min read

A lovely knitter named Tanya came into the shop late this summer for the first time.  She had seen that we carry lots of Noro yarns, and it happens that she's as crazy for Noro as I am!  She was happy to see that we had Silk Garden Lite in stock as she'd wanted to make a wrap with it.  

Well, she came back a week or so ago to show me her progress.


 It is absolutely spectacular - the pictures don't begin to do this work justice. Here's a closeup of the fabric. 

The pattern is Byzantine by Susan Pandorf, and it takes 7 skeins of Silk Garden Lite.  The design is done with slipped stitches rather than stranding, and Tanya swears it's easy.  I am tempted to just swatch it up...just a swatch, you know, not really a project, so it wouldn't count as a WIP or anything...

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