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Paprika Saffron

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 Saw this pattern by Kim Hargreaves in Winter Blooms and totally fell in love.  It would've been done months ago if I hadn't knit both sleeves at once WRONG and put it in time out for a while.  Anyway, it's been better, and I'm really happy with it.  Yeah!

The yarn is Rowan Lima, the softest, squishiest, yummiest fiber ever.  I made the size 36, lengthened the body by 2" and used about 9.5 skeins.  Other changes are that I did 4 rows seed stitch around the cuff instead of ribbing.  Same around the neck - did 4 rows seed stitch, then 3 rows reverse stockinette, binding off knitwise on the wrong side. 

We have Lima in lots of really good, wearable colors. 

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