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Kid Silk Stripe

Gorgeous Rowan Kid Silk Haze - you know it as the super soft fiber that's as delicate as a whisper on its own and ads a soft aura of color to everything it touches.  Kaffe Fassett's gorgeous Alder Wrap in 13 different shades of Kid Silk Haze has been very successful.  I think in response to the wrap's popularity, Rowan has introduced Kid Silk Haze Stripe - the same luscious blend of superfine kid mohair and silk that stripes as you knit it - no changing colors required to get a spectacular fashion accessory.  The yardage on Kid Silk Stripe is double the standard yardage, so just one ball makes a fab scarf.  The colorways were designed by Mr. Fassett himself, and are every bit as lovely as you would expect.  Have a look.

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