Nadesheko shrug

December 02, 2011 1 min read

Finished my Ribbed Shrug last night in the yummy new Noro, Nadesheko that's 40% angora.  I stayed up late to seam it and then give it a little bath because I was so anxious to see the angora bloom.  When you first put it in the water, it looks like a drowned rat, but when you squeeze it in a towel and pop it in a cool dryer for a while-oh my!  It is soooo nice.  It was still a little wet this morning, but I wore it anyway.  Gotta love the bunny.

I made the medium which is 140 stitches, but I cast on an extra two stitches so that each row begins and ends with knit 2 on the right side and purl 2 on the wrong side.  I also made it about 2" shorter in the 1x1 ribbing of the body section.  

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