The redcoat is coming

January 30, 2012 1 min read

Finished knitting the collar today.  It's not hard, but the pattern is anything but clear.  What they want you to do is pick up stitches for the collar starting just inside the front border bands - in other words, begin with the right front where the neckline begins to curve, go across the back and then down the left front.  In the size I made, I began and ended about 10 stitches away from the edge of each front border band. 

When your stitches are all picked up, you'll work two rows of garter stitch, increasing 10 stitches across the second row.  Then, working in your double seed stitch pattern, increase two stitches at the beginning of every row, and work these new stitches into your double seed stitch pattern as you go.  You end up with a collar that looks like this. 

 You'll turn that collar edge toward the center to your front border bands like so, and stitch them in place.  This design gives the jacket a nice stand up collar in the back and less bulk at the front.

If I get the newsletter done before 11, I'll seam mine tonight.  Unfortunately, I think it's supposed to be something like 70 degrees tomorrow, so  I probably won't be wearing it until the weather gets back to normal for January. 

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