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Chunky lacy Noro-y

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 Mary knit up this chunky lace scarf from the Knit Noro Accessories book as soon as it arrived.  She chose my favorite colorway of Kogorashi, which is a super soft blend of silk and wool.  With three skeins, it's a nice long piece that you can wear lots of ways.  I like it in this sort of Celtic knot style

but it's equally cute wrapped as a cowl.

The designer, Tanis Gray, (or whoever did the styling for the photo shoot) did a generous loop around the neck and gave it a loose tie in the front - also very nice. Isn't it amazing what professional lighting can do for a photograph!

I love every design in this book - did I mention that?   This is one of the cool projects we'll be doing Thursday afternoons - both shops.  Starts February 9th.

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