Looks like Noro, feels like heaven

April 25, 2012 1 min read

Noro has introduced a gorgeous fiber in the most luscious of fibers - nearly equal parts silk and wool in a single ply.  This new yarn was introduced with minimal hoopla from Noro, and I just can't understand why they aren't screaming from atop Mt. Fuji about this yarn.  It's gorgeous.  The fiber is buttery and soft, and the colors are subtle and elegant. 

I love this yarn so much that I featured it in our ad for the new Noro Magazine.  I want to make something with it, but I'm having a really hard time choosing a colorway. They're all so lovely.  There's the soft pink and taupe, the ice blue and cream (although I should save that one for Paula), there's one with aqua tones, and one with

Choosing a color is tough.  I am not, however, having trouble choosing a pattern.  Ayatori is absolutely perfect for Knitting Pure and Simple's neck-down, scoop neck tee.  Worked in one piece from the top down, this pattern will allow me to focus on the luxurious fiber and enjoy the simple beauty of the colors which will line up perfectly without the interruption of side seams. 

Now, about those colors...

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