It's a Gleener

September 25, 2012 1 min read

That's the answer whenever someone asks about this sleek little tool on the counter at the shop.

 It's a Gleener - a handy little gadget that take pills off knits like nobody's business.   Three different blades - one each for fine, medium and heavy gauge fabrics - mean that the Gleener works equally well on both hand-knit and machine knit fabrics.  Ginni and I saw them and even tried them out at TNNA this summer and were really amazed at how well they work.  Not battery powered, just clever and effective at making all your knitwear look like like new.

The Gleener was recently featured on Daily Grommet, and I understand they sold out in about three hours.   I bet you can guess the price - that's right, they're just $19.99 - but wait, we have them in stock at both shops - and no shipping. 


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