Take a walk on the wild side

September 10, 2012 1 min read

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren Fall 2012

Was cruising the Ralph Lauren site  (my favorite fantasy land) and laughed out loud when I saw this great animal print bag - remind you of anything?  Yeah!  Me too!  The baguette is a very smart shape this season, as is anything animal print.   A sassy animal print bag or one with a touch of animal print is a great way to show your fun side. 

Here are some tips on incorporating animal prints into your wardrobe, courtesy of Nina Garcia, fashion editor for Elle Magazine:

  1. Only wear one animal print item at a time. 
  2. Keep everything else in your outfit very conservative.
  3. Choose muted tones for the print - never hot pink or yellow!

 Have fun - be daring - get something a little wild this season and see how great it makes you feel. 

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