And so it grows

February 04, 2013 1 min read

The Bedouin Bag is moving steadily along - completing the sixth of seven welts and then it's just round and round for several more inches.    It's a quick knit because it's so simple.  I can grab it for a few minutes her and there, and those minutes add up fast.  It's a comfortable sort of project to have around when you're chatting or watching tv because it demands only the most minimal of attention - a perfect knitting group project. 

Minimal attention...yes...but no attention can get you into trouble.  Ask me how I know this. 

After today's staff meeting I was knitting along and got to a place where things didn't look right.  Thinking that I'd forgotten to knit one of the stitches together with its partner four rows down,  I tried to pick it up, but for some reason it still didn't look right.  After dorking with it for a few minutes I finally put on my glasses and realized that I hadn't finished round 13 and had picked it up and started knitting in the opposite direction.  Rats. 

Fortunately it was just about a round and a half, but grrr, do I ever hate going backwards. 

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