Mary's Magnificent Thorn

February 16, 2013 1 min read

Mary finished her Thorn the other day.  She sent me a quick photoof it just off her needles, but that picture couldn't begin to show how amazing Thorn looks as worn!  Wow!  What an elegant shape!  

Sometimes things that look as dramatic as this are fiddly and difficult to wear, but this is an example of a perfect marriage of form and function.  The tapered wing shape give you great coverage over the shoulders and across the back with a narrow and  manageable end to toss over your shoulder.  Is there a more perfect excuse for a gorgeous Jul pearl pin!


Thorn is the kind of wrap that just makes you feel elegant and pulled-together, whether you're dressed for the day in a suit, or running to the store in jeans and a turtleneck.  The fabric is ideal for this time of year as well as into the spring - light and warm and just enough.
Thorn takes just two skeins of fabulous Galler Prime Alpaca - a lovely heather yarn with terrific drape and an amazing hand.  Great colorstoo.   Which one should I choose?  There isthat beautiful hot pink...

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