Knitting at the office?

April 10, 2013 1 min read

Sure, why not?

Barbara Butterfield was in today admiring the new praying mantis yarn bowls.  We were talking about how she needed one for her office.  It needs to be filled with beautiful yarn and luxury needles.  It makes perfect sense.  The bowls are a piece of fine art that just happen to be useful.  Much better than the run of the mill office accoutrement.  And when are you more in need of the calming focus of knitting than during a stressful day at work?  Rather than running for a cup of coffee or some junk food, just close the door, pick up your luxury needles and work a few rows on a simple scarf in an indulgent fiber.  Before you know it, your mind will clear, you'll relax, and you'll be able to function better overall.  

Just try it and see if a few minutes of knitting at work doesn't make you a calmer, more productive person.  I bet you'll be amazed. 

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