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Color Rhythms

Another fun workshop we had with Chris was on color rhythms.  It's interesting to look at different patterns - some are really pleasing, and some, not so much.   The most appealing patterning follows the rhythms of nature.  Artists, architects, and designers learn it in school - they know how to implement these proportions for best effect.  But you don't have to be a professional to understand and use this information.  It's actually pretty simple.  Chris explained the concepts as well as several variations on the them..Then we got to play!

She had us use 2" lengths of yarn and arrange them on paper.  That was fun - almost like finger-painting.

Three and four colors
two, three, and four colors  three and four colors


When we'd put together a series of stripes that we liked on paper, we all took up needles and brought our stripes to life in knitted fabric. It was amazingly fun and educational.






Our color play class the 7-8 of September will be just as much fun.  Bring your stash of sock and laceweight yarns and come play with us.  Call the La Plata shop to register for Saturday's session and the Leonardtown shop for Sunday's.  It's going to be fabulous!

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