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Fall Fashion Trends and Wooladdicts

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Fall Fashion Trends and Wooladdicts

Back in the early spring when I started looking at fall yarns, I had the pleasure of seeing Trish Malcolm, former editor in chief of Vogue Knitting present fall fashion trends in knitwear and beyond. Isn't it interesting how fashion comes about -- how it is that designers all over the world converge on certain shapes and colors or textures and silhouette? Fascinating, I think.  When the fall yarns come in kind of all at once, I can see those predicted trends play out in the fiber industry. I'll give you a bit of what Trish shared with us and show you how it's realized in what's on the shelves in the shop.

Autumnal Color: One of the palettes that we are seeing across lines is the palette of fall - rich autumnal shades you associate with the changing leaves. The rich mustard yellow introduced last year is still strong, and it is joined by burgundy, forest green, teal, and purple.  So, it was no surprise to see Burgundy, Forest, and Amber show up as Wooladdicts trend colors this season. You will see these shaded in the fashion forward Concept line from Katia. 

Pastels: Soft shades of cream, gray, palest pinks and blues are also on trend for the fall.  This palette is best represented in the Mode at Rowan line which will be arriving next month.  Very lovely soft classic colors accented with a rich caramel color.  

Soft Focus: Everything this season has a bit of a halo. Many of the yarns are slightly fuzzy giving handknit fabrics a subtle haze softening the look of the individual stitches.  Look for this in the three new yarns from Wooladdicts, especially Trust, which is brushed to create a beautiful, lightweight bulky yarn much like Gedifra's Delizia.  Also again in the Concept line where Cotton Merino and Ultralight Merino have a touch of black or neutral along the strand.

Soft Silhouette: Not only are the fabrics in soft focus, many of the garments we're seeing have a very relaxed silhouette that reads cozy and comfortable. There is a trend toward giant scarves that match or coordinate with a simple sweater for a modern take on the twin set.  Look for several of these from Wooladdicts using different colors of the same yarn or the same color of two different yarns for textural contrast. 

Textural Fabric: Both regular and half brioche remain extremely popular for the fall.  There are several pullovers in the Wooladdicts collection that take advantage of brioche's stretchy quality and strong vertical lines to give texture. Garter stitch also figures prominently as a textural element.  If you prefer to knit in stockinette, choose a yarn like Trust that brings its own texture with it.

There's lots more to share, but why don't you come in and let's talk about it. Better yet, sign up for the Wooladdicts Yarn Tasting and Trunk Show event and see what I mean first hand.  Come knit with their new yarns - and the old ones. Try on the garments, and indulge your addiction. 

I look forward to seeing you at the Wooladdicts Event, or just in the shop and around the table.  You are always welcome here.  ~Ellen

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