May 31, 2022 2 min read

The wonderful thing about knitting is that it is a solitary activity. Unlike tennis, you don’t need a partner or team.  You can do it all by yourself for hours on end.  The downside of knitting is that it is a solitary activity.  We can occupy ourselves to the exclusion of others and sometimes feel a little lonely. Don’t get me wrong here.  Knitting is a beautiful experience and a very real way to be mindful - fully present, and in the moment with ourselves alone.  But our need for one another is just as real.  

Human connection is one of our most basic needs, falling just above safety and just below esteem.  Pretty important, I would say.  Even for introverts, connection to other humans who share our interests and understand our desires is vital to happiness.

The stark truth of this need was born out during Covid, as we suffered loneliness, depression, and anxiety when our ability to connect and be together was snatched abruptly from us. 

Knitters are fortunate in that we have so many rather automatic communities to which we can belong, engage, and feel seen. This is the power of knitters gathering around the table, in organized knitalongs, and at big events like World Wide Knit in Public day.

While Covid put a fine point on just how important human connection is, these past 24 months have shown just how resilient we are.  We have been able to come together and engage across the miles, time zones, and other separation challenges.

At Crazy for Ewe we are navigating this hybrid world of in-person and virtually in-person, and I think it’s been working pretty well. Knitters from around the country have connected through our virtual events, and have deepened those connections with in person events. I’m excited to offer both formats as we continue to gather, build, and strengthen the Crazy for Ewe community.

This summer we have events, trunk shows, and knitalongs that will have both in person and virtual components. If you can join us in person, I hope you will. If distance or other constraints prevent you from being here, I invite you to join us virtually. We will also have our annual summer retreat July 29-31st, so mark your calendars for that.

So much fun stuff coming up, I can’t stand it! I’m so excited to share this with you.

I look forward to seeing you in person, or virtually.  Wherever you are able to show up in the community, you are always welcome here.



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