May 09, 2018 2 min read

This weekend we celebrate Mothers' Day.  I like to think about Mothers' Day not just as a day to remember our own mothers, but a day to recognize and honor all the influential women in our lives.  Certainly, our mothers are the first to love us, but there are so many strong women who have nurtured us.  These are the women who give us the opportunity to try, comfort us if we fail, and support us as we try again.  And again. And again.  Mothers and others are our mentors.

They teach us what they know, and their wisdom comes from personal experience as well as from the collective knowledge of the women in their lives - not only their mother, but aunts, sisters, cousins, and friends.  So it is, that all women were both mothers and daughters as they lived in community and shared their lives. There was great power in the circle of women.  And men have feared strong, smart, independent women for thousand years.  From the days of the Salem witch trials to the Victorian era institutionalization of difficult women.  But the collective power, and our need to access it, cannot be denied. 

Around what is jokingly referred to as the magic table here at the shop, I see this power, and our need for it, play out all the time as we gather and discuss topics big and small.  Yes, there is talk about yarn and projects, but we also talk about our jobs, our health, our families, and our lives.   We discuss art, fashion, science, and current events - what we're reading, and what we think - women of all ages sharing experiences and knowledge.  Teaching and learning.  Listening and understanding, whether it's a relationship that needs support, or a project that needs ripping out. 

Men and other non-knitters often ask, "What do you do at that shop all day anyway? Can't you knit at home?"  Of course you can, but sometimes you need to be with your sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends for strength and solace, for laughter and a sympathetic ear.  I look forward to seeing you in the shop and around the magic table.  You are always welcome here. 

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