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Crazy for Ewe



The Mykonos Trunk show is here through this weekend.  If you have not had a chance to see it, please do.  The pictures really don't do justice to the garments or the fabric this yarn creates.
An unusual wrapped construction gives Mykonos an interesting texture -- it's a little bit stiff which means that the stitches maintain their shape and create a fabric that's open and airy. This open fabric is perfect for summer wear because it lets air flow through it so you stay cool even on the warmest of days.  

That same texture means that Mykonos fabric doesn't roll, so you can work Odele, a simple v-neck tee shirt in stockinette for that clean, Eileen Fisher look.

Mykonos' attractive, subtle sheen looks great in all the colors - There's a large palette of neutrals - black, white, beige, two grays, as well as rich jewel tones that look just right as the sunlight intensifies with the onset of summer.  

This wrap has been a standout favorite - worked in an easy openwork stitch, it's just the thing to make sure you always look pulled together.  

Come see the Mykonos garments before I have to send them off.  You'll be glad you did!


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Elba Trunk Show

Elba Trunk Show

The Elba trunk show is here through Saturday.  Elba is a lovely cotton tape that's beautiful to knit and soft to wear. Ginni and Mary's favorite it she sweet tee with a stitch pattern that looks kind of like polka dots.  I am a fan of the the two long-sleeved pullovers.  Just what I like to wear in the summer - because I'm always cold!  This blue one is classic with cables - Elba has great stitch definition.

This one is not really my color, but I love the relaxed, easy fit and the generous neckline.  Perfect over a camisole or lightweight tee when the summer sun goes down.  

Come see them all and try them on yourself. 

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June 18 was National Splurge Day. Who knew?

I guess Berroco knew!  In case you don't receive their weekly KnitBits, Berroco is offering you free patterns this summer for doing something you already do - enjoy Berroco yarn.  Between June 18 and Friday, September 18th, buy $25 or more of Berroco yarn and you'll earn a free pattern.  Just email a copy or photo of your receipt to, and they'll send you a voucher for a free Berroco pattern of your choice.  Spending more than that?  You'll get a voucher for every $25 you spend, so if you spend $100, you'll get 4 vouchers.  Very cool indeed! 

To get inspired, come see the Berroco Indigo trunk show this week. I'm really excited about Berroco Indigo, an earth-friendly yarn spun from recycled denim.  Indigo has generous yardage, beautiful stitch definition, and a great earthy look.  It's as comfortable to wear as your favorite blue jeans, and the colors will take you back to your favorite shade of fade!  Here are my favorites from the trunk show.  This cardigan, which we actually received as a shop sample, is the perfect thing to wear over summer tanks.  I actually grabbed it Saturday and tossed it on to keep me warm at the grocery store.   

I also love this cool sleeveless top -- great on its own or under a jacket for work.  I tried this on, and it's absolutely perfect.  The lace panel makes it a fun knit.  Details here.  

Another of my summer favorites is Modern Cotton - silky soft hand, 25 brilliant colors, and a tremendous value.  Machine washable too.  Really, in a summer yarn, who could ask for anything more?  The standout favorites from the Modern Cotton trunk show were Eula, a super fast and swingy top, and Rose, a beautiful long cardigan.  Both are garments you can knit now and enjoy all year long.

So come choose your favorite and enjoy free patterns courtesy of Berroco!  

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Fiora Trunk Show


The beautiful Fiora Trunk show arrived yesterday.  I had totally forgotten that I scheduled it, so it was a very happy surprise!  Fiora is a lovely fiber - a silky cotton blend with just a touch of alpaca that's perfect for year round wear.  It knits up at 22 stitches to 4 inches for a lovely drapey fabric.  With a generous 246 yards per hank, it's also a terrific value. 

I love this little top.

Nicole knit it when the yarn first came in, and we were all surprised at how it was even prettier in person than it was in the picture. That's part of why trunk shows are so nice.  With fibers it's really hard to full extent of a garment's appeal in a picture.  You kind of have to touch it and try it on. 

This is also a very cute summer top.  It looks great as styled in the pattern, over a blouse, but I can easily see it under a jacket, or just by itself for the summer. 



There are several other cute things for you to see and try on, but don't wait, because they're only here through Saturday!

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Mixer Trunk Show

Recently I wrote about modern garments with open fabrics that drape over the body. Typically you get this effect by working at a loose gauge, but some yarns are just built to create beautifully draping fabric. One such yarn is Berroco Mixer. When we ordered this yarn, the rep left us a skein of it to play with, and we were in love right away. Mixer is a beautiful and interesting yarn with three different textures all in one. There's a section that's really fine with a hint of sheen, then there's a very shiny ribbon-like section and finally, there's a matte portion that really sets off the other two. Mixer knits up into a very dynamic fabric that's well suited to fluid garments as well as fun accessories.

Mary used Mixer in Brickless for our March First Friday project. The interplay of the changing stitch pattern and the changing yarn textures is fabulous! 


Yesterday we received the Mixer Trunk Show, which will be here through Saturday. It features three cute summer tops and two wraps. The designs for Mixer are brilliant. They've kept the shapes very simple to let the yarn take center stage.

I loved that green drape-neck top when I saw it in the book, and trying it on, I love it even more!


This one didn't originally appeal to me, but it's gorgeous - and so comfortable to wear.  It looks great with just a cami for summer, but you could totally wear it over a blouse or a long sleeved tee. Doesn't Mary look beautiful!

And this shawl - what a statement piece! The fringe is so silky - you really have to feel it.  Very modern looking.  In this white, it would be a perfect wrap for a bride, but it would also be totally at home with jeans and boots.

Come see - but don't wait because the trunk show is only here through Saturday, May 2.  

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So, what's a Trunk Show?

If you've never been to a Crazy for Ewe trunk show, you're probably wondering what it's all about.  You may even harbor secret fears that it's like one of those in-home parties where you're captive for hours and hours while someone extolls the virtues of all manner of jewelry/baskets/gadgets/plastic-ware.  Right?  Let me set your mind at ease by saying that a Crazy for Ewe trunk show is nothing like that!

A trunk show simply means that we have a whole bunch of sample garments on hand for you to see and touch and try on. It's a casual and relaxed event - come when you can, and stay as long as you like.  I love trunk shows because it's exciting to see garments in real life those pieces we often see only in books, magazines or on the web.  It's hard to know just how long they are, or how big the neckline is, or what the fabric feels like when you're just looking at pictures.  Having access to the actual garments allows you see what the garment looks like, but more importantly, to see what it looks like on you.

A trunk show often has a theme - sometimes it's all the garments from a particular issue of a magazine, like Vogue Knitting, or a book, like those we've had from Wrap Style, Lace Style, and others.  Sometimes a trunk show focuses on a particular fiber, like those we've had from Manos del Uruguay featuring Silk Blend and Serena.  Often I'll ask a yarn company to bring garments in a few of their fibers as well as a selection of those fibers as a special treat for you, as we are doing with the Blue Heron trunk show this month, and the Claudia's Handpaint trunk show in September.

There's a little secret about trunk shows too - attending one gives you that great opportunity, while you and your knitting friends are sitting around looking at pattens, to say, "Yes, I tried on that very garment, and it looked fabulous!"  Who doesn't love that just a little bit!  Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming trunk shows and lots of other fun stuff too.

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Wrap Style Trunk Show

Interweave's Wrap Style Trunk show arrived earlier this week - sorry for the late post.
MaryJo pulled the garments out and we played dress up for a while.

This is the Grand Plan top down capelet - any size, any gauge, very flattering. Any questions?

And here's Pat serene and graceful as ever...

here's the real Pat - Diva in Tapestry. This little capelet is so much prettier in person than in the photos. I have this garment available as a kit from Nicky Epstein in stock too!

A vision in lace and shells

and me in sleeves.

And there's much more too. We're lucky to be able to keep the trunk show through the end of this month, so be sure to come by and see everything for yourself.

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