December 24, 2021 2 min read

‘twas the night before Christmas and all in the shop
Was perfectly arranged from bottom to top

Ginni, her sweater so perfectly fitting
Had just settled down for an evening of knitting. 

When out on the wharf there arose such a clatter,
She jumped from her chair to see what was the matter

The moon on the bay cast a beautiful glow.
So taken was Ginni  she stopped knitting mid row

“It’s OK,”she said coolly, “I’m a professional.
I never mess up—I’m just that exceptional”

“I know this story,” she said without pause.
“Any moment the wharf will host Santa Claus. “

But it wasn’t Santa ensconced in the sleigh
Certainly not. That would be too cliché

Instead it was Ellen holding the reins.
With a team of white sheep and a sleigh full of skeins. 

In a pink sweater of Custom Fit fame,
She rallied her sheep and called them by name:

"On, Polwarth on Leicester on Shetland and Cormo,
On Targhee, on Cotswold, Herdwick, and Merino!" 

From the top of the hill to the tree on The Square,
Those sheep pulled the sleigh, and soon they were there.

At the front of the shop she arrived with her haul
And was greeted by Mary who was knitting a shawl. 

And Jenny was there, with sock yarn sublime.
Working a pair, of course, two at a time! 

Then Ginni arrived, with bobbins a-flutter,
“Working intarsia” we all heard her mutter. 

Why were we gathered here late at the store? 
This finest of teams, each one I adore. 

We’re here to say something to our friends near and far:

We love and appreciate you, wherever you are. 
On-line or in person, you are a delight  
Merry Christmas, happy knitting, and to all a good night


With love, 
Ellen, Ginni, Mary, and Jenny


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