ChiaoGoo TWIST™ Red Lace Shorties

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This awesome set includes 2" and 3" tips and short versions of their exclusive red lace cable for working small circumference projects in the round.  With this set you can work between 9" circumference and a 14" circumference.  A small tightening hole in the needle tip and the included tightening ensure you get a smooth, secure connection.  

Tips live in a smooth, numbered felt sleeve.  Tips, cables, and accessories all fit neatly into a red pocket size pouch, so it's easy to have everything you need with you all the time.

This set includes

12 pairs of tips - both a 2″ and a 3″ (5cm & 8cm) tip in US0 (2mm) – US3 (3.25mm) in a secure tip sleeve.   tips are made of solid, surgical stainless steel tips

Three MINI diameter red cables (5″/13cm, 6″/15cm & 8″/20cm)

End stoppers, tightening keys, connectors, stitch markers and a mini needle gauge all in a red, pocket-sized nylon fabric pouch.