Club Crazy for Ewe - our Membership Site

Thanks so much for you're interest in Club Crazy for Ewe, an active membership site for knitting garments you're proud to wear.  That means sweaters that fit and are finished professionally, and accessories for your handknit wardrobe.  It's jam-packed with resources to help you, wherever you are on your knitting journey.  

We have three weekly live meetings

  • Flock Talks - Every Thursday at noon Eastern time, I present a knitting topic, which is followed by Q&A. 
  • The Magic Table - modeled after the big table at the shop, this is where you come to ask questions, get help, be inspired, or just enjoy some friendly knitting company.  The conversation is always lively and fun. You never know what you'll learn from others' questions at the Magic Table. Thursdays at 5:00pm
  • PhD program -  Do you have a PhD - a Project half Done? We all do, and this is where you take time, just an hour a week, to work on a project that's been languishing.  Maybe you don't know where you are on the project, or you don't understand the instructions, or maybe you just need the impetus to finish.  It's amazingly empowering to have the support and encouragement of other knitters to get those PhDs off the needles and start wearing them. 

All the live sessions are recorded, so you can access them even if you can't attend live. Watch them as often as you like whenever you like.

Club Crazy for Ewe is about Community

In addition to the weekly live sessions, you'll enjoy the community of membership where you can post questions, share wins, and chat with other knitters

Knitting is not just a thing we do, it's a way we look at life, and it's not always about where you go, but who's on your journey with you. 

Come and be on the journey with us--you are always welcome here

For more information and to join, click here.  



ps - you might have questions about the membership site - check out our FAQs