Custom Fit Program

Crazy for Ewe is proud to be part of the Amy Herzog Custom Fit Program.  We offer a variety of classes and services to help you knit a sweater that flatters your shape and fits you perfectly.  

Our most popular class is our Custom Fit and Flatter which we offer monthly.  In this class you will identify your silhouette and learn what sweater features flatter your silhouette.  Based on the selection of "go-to" tops you bring, we help you see your style preferences so that you can choose sweater patterns confidently and know that you will love them before you knit them.  You'll also learn about swatching for Custom Fit, as well as which kind of yarns make great sweaters.  We take your full set of Custom Fit body measurements and set up your personal profile in the computer so that it's ready when you are to create your perfect sweater you'll Make, Wear, and Love.  Your first Custom Fit pattern is included.  Get more info/register

Our Private Custom Fit Measurement is perfect if you already know what you like and just want to get on with knitting your perfect Custom Fit sweater.  At your appointment, we take a full set of Custom Fit body measurements and set up your personal profile in the computer.  When you've finished your swatch, we handle all the counting and measuring and create your first Custom Fit Sweater pattern.  

Custom Fit Sweater Class

In this weekly class, you'll work on your Custom Fit sweater.  If you are a newer knitter, there may be some techniques unique to sweaters that are unfamiliar to you.  In this class we will walk you through every step of knitting your Custom Fit sweater from beginning to end.

Even if you're an experienced knitter, you may be someone (like me) who finds that the structure of a class helps keep you on track.  Or you may simply enjoy the camaraderie of the class.  If so, then this class is for you.  It's fun, you'll learn a lot, and most importantly, you'll stay on track to get your sweater done.  All the way done. So you can wear it.  In season.  Isn't that why we knit sweaters anyway?