April 11, 2016 2 min read

I love Cotton Lustre -- it's one of those fibers that looks even better in the knitted fabric than it does in the skein.  Last season we all fell in love with the Misaka Cardigan

Mary did a class on it, and it came out great!

Rowan Misaka Cardigan in Cotton Lustre

Great shape, great styling, and such a feel. The swatch of it lay on the table all summer, and everyone petted and drooled over it.  Just gorgeous. Very smooshy with lovely drape.  Amazing.   

I'd succumbed to Cotton Lustre's charms and chose it for my Custom Fit tank.  It was so nice to work with, and it's delicious against my skin.  Silky soft and really comfortable.  Also worth noting, since this is a next-to-the-skin garment, Cotton Lustre is happily machine washed and dried.  Just one more reason to love it.


I'm cold most all the time, so I've been thinking about a wrap to go with my tank.  This one is just spectacular and so easy! 


Color blocks are super popular, and this wrap is a great way to get look.  Stylish but not too trendy, it's an easy knit and a versatile third layer you'll reach for again and again.  The sample garment just happens to go with my tank, but we've put together several beautiful color combinations you'll love. 

You'll find out in the newsletter tomorrow morning, but I know you can keep a secret, so, I can tell you Cotton Lustre is on sale!  Save 20% tomorrow through Saturday, April 23rd.  If you hurry, there will be enough for a Misaka Cardigan, or maybe one of my other favorites from the Cotton Lustre book.

Cotton Lustre patterns

But don't wait - how sad would you be if your favorite color was all sold out?    

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