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Soft delicious....Noro

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Soft delicious....Noro

There's a beautiful Noro yarn on the shelf unlike any Noro yarn you've seen - or touched.  Soft and silky, it's a lightly spun blend of cotton, silk, and viscose - and it doesn't stripe.  What kind of world is it where we have a solid color Noro that feels as nice as it looks?  A lovely Tokonatsu world! 

 Tokonatsu first appears to be a solid color yarn, but as you look more closely, you see tiny flecks of coordinating colors - almost, but not quite a tweed.  The silk gives it lovely sheen, and the overall effect is subtle and beautiful. 

In the skein, it has a nice feel, but you need to knit with it to really appreciate what a lovely hand Tokonatsu has.  The knitted fabric is baby soft with subtleties of color and texture that make it perfect for next to the skin garments and accessories.  This drop stitch yoke tee from the Noro Magazine is really nice.

I think this one, by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, is spectacular.  Worked in one piece, it's sexy and very current looking.  I think I might have to start swatching for this today.

If you're more of an accessory type, the current Noro magazine features this gorgeous wrap in Tokonatsu. 


Mary whipped up our shop sample, and it's been super popular.  Takes just three skeins, and is the perfect thing for cool evenings and over-air-conditioned days.  It's generously sized and has a straight edge at the back, so it sits beautifully on your shoulders and stays there.  You can also wear it like this!

Tokonatsu will please Noro lovers and non-Noro lovers alike.  Just come see the sample and touch the yarn.  You'll be enchanted.