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Swatching Que Sera

Here's a close-up of the lovely sweater, Que Sera, that we're featuring in our upcoming class.


It's basically a 10 stitch/12 row repeat that's marker friendly, but there are elements in the stitch pattern that line up so that you don't really need the markers.  I like markers because they help me not have to pay attention, so I can knit while I'm doing pretty much anything else.  I suspect that a marker every couple of repeats would be plenty. Anyway, here's my swatch of the first repeat of the pattern plus a little double moss stitch edging on the left side. Did I say that I really like this pattern?  I really do.

2014-02-03 21.23.59-1


I will work a few more repeats and then block.  Unblocked, my swatch is about 7" wide, so I'm at about 5 stitches per inch on an 8, but this is lace, and it could stand a decent amount of blocking.  I may even try it on a 7 and see what that does.  I Still haven't decided which yarn to use, yet.  This is Berroco's Modern Cotton, which is very nice, but I'm thinking that I would like Aurora 6 - so silky and yummy.  I'll swatch that tomorrow and tell you what I think.  Call me weird, but swatching is my favorite part.

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