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Cashmere - it's soooo good

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There are plenty of yarn vendors in the world - a simple stroll around TNNA will show you that.  So, choosing what yarns to carry in the shop can be a challenge.  But life is short, and I decided a while back that I only want to work with nice people, companies with positive and constructive approach to life and business.  I especially like companies that are socially conscious and work hard to bring about positive change in the world.  Sounds like a big task, but there are such companies - Manos del Uruguay, for instance, which supports a small woman's cooperative in South America.  I've just recently come across another such company, From the Mountain that offers a lovely cashmere handspun by women in rural Afghanistan.  Decades of war have left many of these women as head of household, and spinning is a socially acceptable way for them to earn a living while they also care for their families.  The women are paid a more than fair wage for their yarn, and my goodness, what a yarn it is! Beautifully soft and lightly textured, this cashmere comes in four natural shades.  It's in stock at both shops, but supplies are limited.

handspun-cashmere-dark-brown handspun-cashmere-gray handspun-cashmere-light-brown handspun-cashmere-white