Top 10 reasons Knitting BFFs are awesome

March 16, 2015 2 min read 1 Comment

We love all of our friends, of course, but I think secretly, we wish that all our friends knit.  Here's why Knitting BFFs are the best friends.
  1. They always text you when there's a sale at the yarn store --  Maybe you hadn't read the newsletter yet, or you haven't seen Facebook - but your KBFF has, and there's at least one message letting you know about there's yarn on sale. 
  2. They are as excited about your new yarn as you are - Friends who don't knit are always polite when you show them your new yarn. They admire the color or the feel of it, but only your KBFFs are going to have the same visceral response to your newly acquired bag of cashmere and silk.  They use phrases like gorgeous twist, amazing stitch definition, and great drape.  The just appreciate yarn on a different level,
  3. They are happy to wait with you - If there's a long boring wait for some event or whatever, your KBFF will be okay with it. You both know that as long as you have your knitting, you could wait happily for hours.
  4. They share your lingo -- They know that getting gauge is a good thing and that frogging is not. They feel your frustration with DPNs and can see why you prefer 2 circs.  They know what Ravelry is and completely understand how you could spend 3 hours there.
  5. They are interested in every detail of your project- Yes, everyone can see that it's a lovely sweater/hat/infinity scarf, but only your KBFFs will notice how perfectly you did the seams, praise how neatly you wove in those thousands of ends, or comment on how challenging that stitch pattern is.
  6. They have an opinion on Noro. -  your KBFF may love the brand or hate it, but she would never look at you and say "Who?"
  7. They can see that you're counting -- If you're not talking, your KBFFs will look over and see if you're counting before they start talking -- even if it's the most exciting news in the world like, say, a sale at the yarn shop.
  8. They know that you can listen and knit at the same time - People who don't knit are sometimes a little put off when you pull out your knitting.  But your KBFFs know that not only can you listen while you knit, you probably listen better, while you're knitting.
  9. They never ever say, "You could sell that"
  10. You can get together just to knit - So often our get together center around food and drink --  lunch, drinks, coffee.  When your KBFFs say "Wanna get together and knit," it's an invitation with no real purpose other than to be together in that easy companionable silence only KBFFs understand. 
Is it selfish to wish that all of your friends knit?  No way.  I think that opening the door to knitting for them is the most generous thing you can do!

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    Anna Sargent
    Anna Sargent

    March 17, 2015

    So true !! There are few things more satisfying than a get-together of like-minded KBFFs, especially when sharing your newest creation, might it be a rather insignificant experimental swatch or that finally-finished mud-color wrap. You are rewarded with well-meant praises and those small mistakes are always overlooked :)

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