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Another new project

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I started two new projects this weekend.  I've been in a bit of a knitting slump.  Nothing on my needles has excited me enough to push me through to completion.  However, the Cavendish Throw, which I started Saturday evening is exactly my kind of project.  It's simple but not boring, and it's in my favorite, Silk Garden.  With Noro, it's important to start with a color that you love.  There are lots of colors you love in every skein, plus a certain amount that you don't.  Those unfavorite colors are important because they make the other that much more brilliant, but it's important to start with one of your favorites - it just sort of gets your happy going on right from the start.  I went right to the beautiful fuchsia, cast on my 140+ stitches, and got to work.  

Beginning of Cavendish

It's a great pattern. There's stuff happening on the wrong side and a resting knit row every right side.  I added a few stitch markers - not essential, but a nice way to be sure you're on track.

Cavedish close up

The colors are totally compelling.  I picked something that would liven up my family room couch.  Pottery Barn calls it "Oat" but it's basically boring beige, and these colors are exactly what it needed.

Silk Garden yarn for Cavendish

I already have my plum colored Entropy in there, but as everyone knows, one throw is not enough for two people, especially if one of them is a 6 foot tall teen-aged boy.  Anyway, I've only worked one repeat so far, but it's going fast, and I'm really enjoying it.  In any event, the basket of yarn looks great there by the boring beige sofa, it'll keep me warm while I knit it, and until it's done, it's all mine!  

Want to get started on your own?  Join us this Thursday at 2 p.m. to get started.  You can order a kit here or stop by and pick it up.  Please bring size 8 circular needles (32" or longer), or the size you need to get 4.5 stitches per inch.   See you then!

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