Pumpkins and cases and throws - oh My!

October 19, 2015 2 min read

So much is going on right now, I can't stand it. Actually, I love it. Keeps me busy and out of trouble. This weekend is Trick or Treat on the Square. It's fun for the kiddies, but we have several fun things planned for you as well.

First, this Wednesday, October 21, we're following up on our Lipstick and Change knitalong with another new project by Nora Bellows of Noni Designs. As always, Noro has a chic answer for life's most challenging questions, like, "Where are my glasses?" How many times a day I ask that one!

This felted eyeglass case helps you keep track of your glasses in Noni style. The smart snap frame gives you a place to add coordinating beads,for just the right smidge of glam - because life's too short for frumpy eyeglass cases. If you did the Lipstick and Change, you probably have enough yarn and beads left over, and all you'll need is the pattern and a frame which makes this a pretty sweet deal. These glasses cases make a great gift or a nice treat for yourself!

As we promised at last weekend's big Noro Event, we're starting the Cavendish Knitalong right away. I started mine, and am totally in love with it. You'll love it now as a simple knit to carry along, and as it grows, you'll enjoy it as your cozy keep you warm on the sofa project.

Friday is the first day of our semi-annual sample. As many disappointed visitors have heard, our samples are not for sale because we need them to showcase the yarns. When either the yarn or the pattern is no longer available, we offer our samples to you at ridiculously low prices. They best selection will be Friday morning, of course, but there may still be some left Saturday afternoon when the trick-or-treaters come by with their parents.

Last but not least, this weekend is the felted pumpkin knitalong. This is the cutest project, and knits up fast for your autumn decor. It's an easy project, and I'll take the opportunity to teach you a few new tricks that will make it go even faster and help you keep track without keeping track

I look forward to seeing you at one or all of the fun events coming up. You are always welcome here!


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