Big Wool project

October 27, 2015 1 min read

Sunday morning I finished the knitting on my Tarragon Snood. 

It wasn't until I laid it down to take a picture that I saw it. Oh, my gosh. Do you see it?  

Why in the heck didn't I see this before?  

So, I figured I could either leave it, or I could take out the bind off and ladder down and fix it.  I knew that if I left it, I would never wear the thing, so you know how that goes.

It was a pain, but not a huge pain.  Took maybe 15 minutes, and now you'd never know.  

The pattern calls for you to put a double twist in and seam the garter section to the garter section.  It looks so glamorous on the model, but honestly, I knew it probably wouldn't work for me that way, so I just seamed it up without a twist. I like it.  

You can wear it as a cowl which gives it this great cozy look.


If you get cold, you can fold the center section in like this.

Takes three skeins of Rowan Big Wool and works up super fast.