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Hollyhock - February First Friday project

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Hollyhock - February First Friday project
Louisa Harding Hollyhock Cowl worn Long
Our February First Friday project is Hollyhock scarf Louisa Harding.  Mary finished the sample  last week, and it is utterly beautiful.  The candid pics I took in the shop didn't really do it justice, so I decided to take it home and do a few glamour shots.   It looks great worn long or doubled. 
Louisa Harding Hollyhock Cowl worn doubled
Hollyhock uses three different yarns in coordinating colors and a mix of stitches to make it interesting and fun to knit.
Louisa Harding Hollyhock Cowl closeup
Join us First Friday for pink drinks and to get started on Hollyhock with us.  We have Hollyhock kits made up in three different colorways: Hyacinth, Snapdragon, and Impatiens.  It will be hard to choose just one!.  The kit, which includes 5 skeins of yarn and the pattern, is $45.  Buy it on First Friday and save $5.  

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  • Feb 01, 2016

    Hey, Ann! It’s not too hard, and you have the opportunity to learn a lot. I’ll post the other colorways soon!

    — Ellen

  • Feb 01, 2016

    Hi Ellen—I just love this—is it very difficult—would love to see the colors to choose from

    — Ann Nolan

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