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  • Meet Stacy Charles at TSC Yarns
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Meet Stacy Charles at TSC Yarns

I just got off the phone with Stacy Charles of TSC Yarns -- he is so wonderful and charming!  We talked about the retreat, and we are planning such a fabulous time that Saturday.  You'll get to see the beautiful model garments, and enjoy an overview of his spring line.  AND -- you'll get a sneak peak at Fall 2016.  The garments for fall will just have gone out for photography, and you'll be the first to see them.

As Stacy and I were talking about various garments and yarns he said, "What about the fancy yarns?  Is Adele too glitzy for you?"  Hahahahah!  Clearly he has not been in the shop.  Everyone knows that after pink, my favorite color is glitter.  So, expect to see plenty of lovely sparkly things too.  

Part of the reason I carry TSC Yarns is that they have gorgeous sparkly yarns that are tasteful and chic -- Adele, Ritratto, Rialto, Crystal, and more.  I love them all, and I'm excited for you to see them in all their glory as Ginni and Mary and I did at TNNA. 

Your trip to TSC Yarns and the opportunity to meet Stacy Charles and see their facility and all the beautiful garments is just part of the fun you'll have at the Crazy for Ewe 2016 retreat April 15-17.  Registration for the retreat will open next week so keep an eye on the newsletter.  

  • Ellen Lewis

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