Horndal scarf update

December 11, 2006 1 min read

Got a comment on this blog asking if I liked the Horndal scarf once done. Yes! I really do. I updated about the project on the shop blog under Withholding Judgement, but didn't post any photos. I don't thing the photos of this scarf really do it justice. The brights seem to be garishly bright while the muted shades have all but disappeared. It's much prettier in person, but here's the photo anyway.

I didn't read the pattern acurately (story of my life), and ended up doing only 4 inches of garter stitch rather than the requisite 8 inches, so mine looks different from those that others have done, but I love it just the same.

It seems that Noro has recognized that people are using Kureyon for a lot of felting projects and Silk Garden for garments. In response, the new Kureyon colors have gotten brighter, and the Silk Garden colors have gotten more wearable. This scarf looks great in bright colors, so I would recommend the Kureyon rather than the Silk Garden I used.

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