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Viking lust still strong

Pulled this out of the knitting bag in my quest to identify all UFOs. Although the picture is lousy, it's a gorgeous sweater - at least it is in the book, so I'm hoping a little blocking and some better photography will help. Anyway, here's the back of it.

This guy is really fun to knit when there's cable to work on, and pretty mindless when there isn't. It's worked in Rowan's Wool Cotton which just has the most wonderful hand -all the best o both fibers. Maybe I should spend more time knitting and less time blogging and cruising the web...
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  • Jan 30, 2007


    FYI, Here is the link for the next “secret pal” swap:


    There isn’t much there, but they should be gearing up in February, if you want to bookmark it now.

    — Kathleen

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